Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cell Phone Solution

    For any of you who care to know, I solved my cell phone frustration the way it should have been done in the first place.  I went back to our old carrier, CellularOne.  Yesterday I sent back my iPhone, cancelled my Verizon contract and got a new Samsung Galaxy phone that works just like an iPhone with CellOne.  What a relief!!  I had a long conversation with our daughter who said I sounded clearer even than I had on my previous phone with CellOne.  Hallelujah!!
    It is amazing how a little thing like disruption of cell phone service can cause me such frustration and unrest till I get it fixed.  I certainly have not learned how to give thanks in all things yet--even though in hindsight I can often see the Lord working through it all.  I wish that would be my first reaction.  I believe with my head that He works all things together for my good, but while I'm going through it I sometimes get exasperated at the circumstances I have gotten myself into.  I guess that is the key, isn't it?  I "have gotten myself into"--doing something without asking the Lord to guide me.  In this case it was impulse buying because my phone was broken and I was without one in Nebraska.  How much less hassle my life would have had if I had been patient while seeking the Lord to guide me in making this decision.  How much better my life is when I remember to do this!

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Sarah said...

Glad you cleared that up. Honestly, I never have major trouble with CellOne. I'm happy with it. Jay has troubles, but I've discovered most of his troubles are how he treats his phone:) Mine isn't banged around as much as his is. Good luck!!!