Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today was window washing day!

    When we built our house, one thing Country Guy and I agreed on was that we couldn't have too many windows.  Since we live in the middle of a woods we have a wonderful view from every side of the house so we wanted to be able to see it.
     Many people came to watch the progress of the house as it was being built and invariably the question would be asked, "Who is going to wash all those windows?"  I found the question a little annoying and usually told them I was going to wash the windows, but even if I didn't there would be much more light in the house than if we didn't have all those windows.
    I actually enjoy washing windows.  They always look so beautiful when I'm through.   I only have two windows--the huge one in the living room that is 18 feet tall, (see photo below) and one upstairs that is 3 stories off the ground that I don't like to wash.   I have the kind of windows that crank out and then you reach out to wash the outside from the inside, but since the upstairs window is so far off the ground I get a little uneasy when I wash it that way.
     Today I only got the inside and outside of the first floor done.  Hopefully, I will have time later in the week to finish but at least the ones I see most often are sparkling!
     We are planning to have our first Sunday morning meeting of the new adventure--we hesitate to call it a church because we don't think it is going to look like a traditional church--at our house this weekend so it seemed like a good time to get the windows clean.
      For any of you reading this who live in our area, the meeting will begin 9:30.   We would love for you to come experience the body of Christ meeting in a way similar to the New Testament Church.
We are excited to begin.

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