Friday, August 12, 2011

What a busy time!

     I am having trouble keeping up with everything lately, which includes posting on my blog!  Sorry.  I do believe I will get better, but it may not be till winter.  Who knows?
     In the past two weeks, I have been to Nebraska, Alabama, spent much time straightening out the cell phone fiasco, and now I am preparing for guests this weekend.   Besides all this, the corn was ready last week so I put almost 30 packages in the freezer, and then the tomatoes decided to all ripen at once this week.  Wednesday and Thursday I made spaghetti sauce for the freezer--the equivalent of 18 regular sized jars.  (I posted the recipe I use on the Recipe page under "Miscellaneous" if you, too, are being overrun with tomatoes.)  What a mess I make when I do tomatoes, so even clean up is time consuming!
     I'm sure your life is just as full and as busy as mine.  Aren't you grateful?  It is a wonderful blessing to have places to go and things to do and people to meet!  I am just having trouble prioritizing because I want to do it all.
    Have a great day today in the midst of your the busyness!  I'm planning to!  I wonder what new adventures await.

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cindy said...

I hear ya about everything happening all at once. I was just thinking we need to plan our "get aways" in the winter when the garden is not producing. I'm on my second batch of spaghetti sauce. It seems I never get it on soon enough to let it cook down like it needs to so I put it in the crockpot last night and plan to freeze it today. So glad you told me you freeze yours, it is so much better than canning. I am SO excited about this weekend, as well.