Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Again

         You may have noticed I haven’t posted much this week.  We are returning from Nebraska as I write this.  Country Guy had some work to do for a friend/client so we left Wednesday and drove to Des Moines in order to arrive in Omaha Thursday a.m.  We went to lunch & dinner with our friend, Vilma, and then stayed with her Thursday night in her beautiful house. We were also able to spend some time with two of her boys and to meet their girlfriends.      
       Then Friday I went to visit friends, Ned & Marcia, while Country Guy attended a meeting with one of his former law partners.  He returned later to spend the afternoon with us.  We enjoyed our time with them very much since we hadn’t been together for a year, or more, and therefore had a lot of “catching up” to do.  We even spent a little time reminiscing about our wonderful trip to Greece and Turkey with Ray VanderLaan we took together several years ago.
      We had dinner at Charleston’s Friday evening with friends, Gary & Sara.  They were the first couple we met when we moved to Omaha in 1969, so we had lots to talk about with them, also.  I ordered Charleston’s Chicken Club Salad again--which is my favorite salad (I had it for lunch on Thursday, too.)  I LOVE that salad!  (FYI: I posted a copycat recipe for it under “Salads” on the “Recipes” page a few months ago, it you’re interested.)
      We then spent Saturday with our daughter and her family in Milford and had lunch at the Pizza Kitchen--Country Guy’s all-time favorite pizza!  We were interested to see how much had been done on the new house they are building since we were last here in July so we spent the morning at the building site, which is located in the country.  It is a perfect place for the little boys to roam with a woods and a creek running through the property and the house is going to be beautiful!
        I am particularly interested in watching it being built because during the planning stage Jess asked me for suggestions on how to make their house plan even more efficient, since she knows I love to do that.  I put her plan on the 3-D Home Architect design program I used when we built our house, and found space for several more closets and a more efficient kitchen.  I really enjoy doing that!  So if any of you reading this are contemplating a new house and would like me to try to improve the usability of your floor plan just email it to me and I’ll see what I can do.  I would be delighted!
      Saturday night we had dinner with friends, Fred & Charlyn, at Wilderness Lodge in Lincoln.  It is a beautiful rustic place, in a gorgeous setting, with exceptional food so eating there is a wonderful, multi-faceted dining experience.  We went back to their house for continued discussion of our lives’ happenings since we were last together, and to pray.  We love praying with Fred & Charlyn and have had some remarkable times together with them in prayer!  As we prayed for the new adventure we are feeling called to in Martinsville it seemed a good idea for them to consider coming to talk with our group about their experiences along those lines, so they are checking in to it.
      It was a wonderful weekend of “catching up” with friends, making it an all-together enjoyable, satisfying and productive trip, packed full of renewed relationships.
      Hopefully, once I get home I will have time to post more regular updates on my blog.  But then who knows what next adventure awaits that may disrupt my plans?

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