Monday, August 22, 2011


    The hydrangeas were wilted and some of the plants in my newest garden were looking stressed so I had to break out the garden hose today.  I watered the courtyard garden with a water sprinkler, moving it every couple of hours, because it is the thirstiest of my gardens.  It is the only one that is not mulched because it is very flat with a slight incline back toward the house, so in the springtime it stays extremely wet--so wet in fact that I dug a meandering ditch through it to funnel off some of the water.  It would never dry out if I mulched it.  Because of the mulch, the other gardens are not quite as dry, so I am going to hold off watering them completely as long as I can, and continue to pray for rain.

My newest garden which is located too far from a hydrant to use a garden hose.

           I have several hydrangeas planted throughout my gardens, though, which are very sensitive to drought. So today I carried buckets of water to the hydrangeas, the garden at the front of the yard which I planted last year, and to the young trees and bushes I planted or transplanted this year.  (I must admit I felt a little guilty about watering some of the plants when those next to them had to be thirsty, too.)  Fortunately, I had my trusty Mule to help me.  I filled 6 five gallon buckets at a time and made at least 7 trips---but who is counting.  :o)  That adds up to lifting and carrying over 200 gallons of water!  It certainly is a good way to do strength-bearing exercises!   I so much prefer to do work as a form of exercise, though.  I could never force myself to go to a gym!
     How blessed I am!  Watered plants, contributing to strong arms, and an opportunity to enjoy nature all at the same time!  And I'm sure those thirsty plants are happy, too.

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