Sunday, August 21, 2011


        Don't you love to worship the Lord?  I am sitting here immersed in beautiful music as I try to find songs for our fellowship group meeting tonight.  As I played various songs I was thinking what a wonderful privilege it is to meet with friends to worship the Lord, and to pray, and to discuss the new understanding of Himself He has shown us this week.  How often I take this for granted!  Sometimes I even let it become so routine that I allow it to become just another thing to do and I don't anticipate coming together.  Sometimes it slips totally out of my mind that when we meet together we are coming into God's presence.  He is waiting and eager to be with us.  He said, "When two or three are gathered together in My Name there am I in the midst of them."
      I think if I could ever understand deep in my heart how much God enjoys being in the midst of His people, and how much it pleases Him for us to gather, I certainly would be much more eager to meet as often as we could.
      Holy Spirit help me to remember, and to anticipate coming into God's presence--and to make it a priority.

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