Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dallas Willard

      I am preparing to go to a Dallas Willard seminar so I have been listening to some of his talks on YouTube.  I would highly recommend you check him out if you are not familiar with him.  Here is the link to YouTube:  (For those who don't know--after you get there, type in "Dallas Willard" in the 'search' box and there will be a number of his videos show up on the right side of the page.  Click on one of those and enjoy.)
    One of the things he said while I was listening that I had to write down so I could think about it and remember was "God does not make himself obvious because of the need to allow human desire and will to go it's way (My interpretation--In other words--to make their own choices) because that is what defines human character.  Character only develops with freedom...God is present, but in ways that anyone who wishes to deny can deny...That is the reason Christ spoke in parables and was born in a manger."
      It seems that just about everything he says is thought-provoking and mind-expanding.  I can hardly wait for the conference!
     In the meantime I have also decided to begin re-reading his book The Divine Conspiracy, which I know will take me awhile because it is so good and has so much to think about on every page.  I am eager to learn all that I can from this man who seems to me to know more about being a disciple of Christ than most anyone alive today.
     Are you familiar with Dallas Willard?  What are your thoughts concerning him?

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