Thursday, September 1, 2011


   We are becoming desperate for rain.  The soybeans in the field along our lane are beginning to die in some places.  Some of my plants, shrubs and trees looked so bad when we returned from NE that I am not sure they will survive even though I have been watering them.  Needless to say, we are praying for rain!
   As I awoke this morning I realized that I must have been praying for rain in my sleep because that was my first thought as I opened my eyes.  It seemed the still, small voice of the Lord said to me, "When you pray for my dry and thirsty people as fervently as you are praying for the dry and thirsty land there will be revival." 
     I realized as I heard this that I have not been as concerned about what is on His heart as I have about what is on mine.  He said His Will is that none should perish.  I want to do His Will and that obviously is to do all I can to see that as many people as possible will hear of His love and His goodness so they will turn to Him and not perish.
     Forgive me, Lord.  Help me to remember your parched, thirsty people and the wonderful opportunity you give me to bring your living water to them through prayer and through my actions.  Please don't let me forget.

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