Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Third Meeting

     Today was the third meeting of our new church.  We actually hesitate to call it a church because it does not look like a typical church.  But since we do not yet have a name, it is difficult to write about it without calling it a church.  (If any of you reading this has a suggestion for a name, we would love to hear it.)   For the time being, we are meeting in our home with the express purpose to let Jesus be the head of us, His Body.  Our desire is to glorify Him and to know Him.  Our goal is to be His disciples--doing what He said to do and teaching others to do the same.  We are asking Him, through the Holy Spirit, to direct us into discovering what that will look like.
    Our meeting this morning was a sweet encounter of His Presence.  Even though we do not have any musicians in the group we worshipped Him through praise CDs.  We also had an extended time of prayer, not only for direction for our group, but for those in our government--particularly our President--to understand the importance of supporting Israel, and for revival for our country and specifically, our community. We also believe part of the good news of the Gospel is that Jesus paid the price for our healing, and therefore we are to "lay hands on the sick and they will recover," so prayer for healing was also offered and important.        
       I discovered some wonderful free resources for discipleship here on the internet.  We have begun to use the Discipleship Journal provided on that sight to help us focus together on one attribute of Jesus each week.  This was an excellent springboard for discussion today in the group, each sharing his/her insights and experiences related to "perseverance".
     Because we feel prayer is the only way we are going to hear what God is saying to us, we are also meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:00 to pray.
     If you know anyone interested in being a part of the new thing God is doing here in this community, please let them know about it  .  Everyone is welcome to come explore with us how we can be a part of bringing "the Kingdom to [our part of the] earth, as it is in Heaven."  It is an adventure!

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