Friday, September 9, 2011


      This football season is much more interesting to me than usual this year because our two oldest grandsons are playing on the Marshall team.  Even so, last Friday night's Varsity game was the first one we've been to.  Marshall won by a large margin which was great for us because we got to see Daniel kick several extra points and a 43 yard field.  (We discovered later the field goal was only 3 yards short of the school record.)  With every kicking attempt I tried to get a good photo, but this is the best I could do. This was the 43 yard field goal attempt, but it was on the other end of the field from where we sat so I was a long way from it and had no special lens.  I cropped the picture significantly so you could tell which one was Daniel.  If you would like to see a better picture of him kicking, here is a link to one taken by a professional:  (I don't know how long the website keeps the pictures posted, so it may not work by the time you read this.)

        Hopefully, we will be able to see one of Parker's games soon, too.  He is a freshman this year and plays on the Junior Varsity team.  Parker is our avid Nebraska Cornhusker football fan (along with his Mom), so I know he is pleased to wear the red Marshall uniform.

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