Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ian & Rosemary Andrews Are Coming

   Ian & Rosemary Andrews are coming this weekend to speak at our "new adventure."  (We have decided the name, "The Gathering Place" fits what we believe will be happening--we will be gathering to experience life together as the Body of Christ, to get to know Jesus better, and to practice doing the things He said to do, so that "His Kingdom will come and His Will will be done" in all situations we find ourselves--therefore we are checking to see if the name is available. )
   The meetings with Ian & Rosemary will be held on Sat. night, Sun. morning and Sun. night.  They are open to anyone interested in being part of what God is doing here, anyone who wants to know more about praying for healing, all those who want to hear what God is doing in other parts of the world, or for anyone who needs prayer for healing.  We invite you to come.  If you're interested email me, and I will send you the times and directions to our meetings.
    Ian & Rosemary live in England, but minister all over the world.  When Ian was here a few months ago we were amazed at the stories of healing he recounted and at the things he taught us.  We are so excited and grateful that he is able to come back and that Rosemary is coming with him this time!  We believe the fact that they are in the country and that their schedules were free at this time so that they could come here at this time is confirmation that God is up to something.  I believe it will be a weekend to look back upon and say "look what the Lord has done!"  I wouldn't miss it for anything!

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