Monday, September 19, 2011

Recipes Page

     A peculiar thing happens on my Recipes page.  Whenever I post a new recipe the space between the introduction and the first category widens.  I sent in a request for information on what to do about that.  I was told to look at the HTML code and delete some of the code.  Of course, it is all a big puzzle to me.  I delete a few things that seem to be repetitious almost every time I post a new recipe, but finally it comes to the point that I decide to repost the whole page, which I have done today.
     Since I was reposting it seemed good to add some more recipes and to rearrange some things on the Page, too.  You will find I have moved a couple of recipes to other sections, and renamed the "Desserts" section "Sweets".  Since the sections are in alphabetical order that moved it to the bottom of the Page.  I had already added Dorothy's Heath Bar Candy several weeks ago in the Miscellaneous section.  But since I have several more candy recipes that we make at Christmastime to post, I decided to call everything Sweets and move the Heath Bar recipe there.  I also move the Best Steak Marinade in Existence to the Miscellaneous section.  Hopefully, I haven't caused any confusion, but instead have made it easier to find your favorites.
      If any of you know how to edit HTML code, I would be glad to know how to keep the spaces from expanding in the beginning of the Recipes Page.  It certainly would save me a lot of time!

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