Saturday, September 10, 2011


       A few years ago I started a wonderful (at least for me) tradition with our grandchildren.  For their birthday I/we give them a card with money in it, and then I make a date to take them to lunch, or dinner at the restaurant of their choice.  After eating we go shopping to spend the birthday money on anything they want.  Of course they can choose to save all, or part of the money, too.  It is great to have one-on-one time with them to get to know them better and to hear what they are interested in.  I wish I had started this tradition earlier.   I've missed out on enjoying this time with our two oldest grandsons.  Their birthdays are in August and September and are now so busy with football practice that lunch with Grandma isn't too appealing.  I hope I will be able to continue it with our two youngest grandsons even though they live in Nebraska.
      Yesterday Sydney turned 10, so today was her day!  She invited Granddad to come along with us because her favorite restaurant is the Tokyo Grill, and she knows he enjoys the food there much more than I do.  Since we are eating mainly fruits and vegetables for awhile though, I appreciated her choice.       
     Afterwards Sydney thought she would like to spend some of her money on earrings because she recently got her ears pierced so we went to the Mall.  She found a special for "buy 2 get 1 free" so she came away with 3 pairs of earrings and money left.   She thought the other thing she would like to look for was a rabbit.  She assured us her dad had said she could have one if she would be responsible to take care of it, but I thought we should call to make sure he would not object.  He said it would be OK because they already have a rabbit hutch, but she would have to get it ready.  She didn't think that would be a problem, so we went to Rural King and found this cute little guy.  As Syd said, he is adorable!  I knew you would think so, too, so I took his picture to add to the blog so you could see him.
       Sydney's brother's birthday is in October so I wonder where he will want to go?  Will he want a mate for Sydney's rabbit, a video game, or some new toy I haven't heard of? Whatever it is it will be fun to spend the time with him.

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