Friday, September 2, 2011


    I just got an email from our son's friend, Ken, whose family will be visiting with Greg & Ashley this weekend.  Since we are having our first meeting of the new adventure God is calling us to this Sunday at our house, I had emailed him yesterday to see if he & Erin would like to share with us about their life in Afghanistan.  They have lived there several years with their 4 young children.  They live in Kabul where Ken teaches at the International School and Erin has started a dance studio.
     He said they would love to talk with us and that they have a "cool DVD" they would like to share, too.  He also said he would be glad to lead worship.  We are blessed!
    If you know anyone who would be interested, this is a great opportunity to hear first hand about life in Afghanistan, and to meet 2 very special people--not to mention a great opportunity to come be part of what God is doing in this community.
   It seems as if the adventure has begun.  I am very excited!

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