Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do your ever write reviews on the Internet?

    I have been thinking about how lazy and selfish I've been to not write reviews on the Internet.
    Before I purchase anything I check product reviews and comparisons anywhere I can find them, but especially on Amazon.  It is so helpful to hear what others have discovered before making up my mind.  I have found some wonderful books, great appliances, good restaurants and hotels--almost anything I can think of has some sort of review published.
     I was thinking this morning of all the purchases I've made in the past few months based on reviews.

Here are just a few:
     The AccuSharp knife sharper--after trying mine out, I purchased more for Christmas gifts.
     Colorku Game Set for a granddaughter--a game similar to Sudoku but uses colored balls instead of numbers.  I liked it so much I bought one for me, too.
     A Bosch Pocket Driver for Country Guy for Christmas
     EyeClops Night Vision Binoculars for grandchildren for Christmas
     Think Fun Rush Hour and Think Fun Railroad for grandsons
     Mancala game for granddaughter
     Extra mixing bowl for Kitchenaid mixer for sister-in-law
     Hugh Halter's book "Sacrilege"
     Karole Truman's book "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die"
     CasaDelMar resort stay
     Various restaurant recommendations in Longboat Key, and Sarasota

     Because of all the help I've received I am feeling as if it is time to begin helping others.  So this morning I wrote a review for Hugh's book on Amazon.  One thing that has stopped me from writing reviews has been the time it takes to put my feelings about a product into words.  I find it difficult to communicate in a persuasive manner.   But as I think about it I realize I've been selfish not wanting to take the time to try, when others' reviews have saved me so much time and expense in purchases and added much to the quality of my life.
     One example--sitting on the beach listening to the soothing ebb and flow of the sea as I write this.

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