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The IDF Step By Step Guide to Self-Defense

       A friend sent this today.  Since I am not knowledgeable about self-defense, I found it helpful.  I wanted to have it for future reference so posting on the blog seemed like a good place to store it.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful, too.  (Sorry.  Because I cut and pasted it, it doesn't fit the page format correctly, but I couldn't figure out how to reset it.)

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The IDF Step By Step Guide to Self-Defense

Krav Maga (Close-Range Combat, lit."Touch-Fight") is a martial arts style specially developed by the IDF to suit the army's specific security needs. Each and every Israeli soldier, regardless of his job, must undergo training to learn the basic steps of self-defense -IDF style.
Following the prisoner negotiation for Sergeant First Class Gilad Shalit's release with Hamas, the terrorist organization ruling Gaza, has threatened additional soldier kidnapping. In light of this, we are issuing this step-by-step guide for the common man, to protect oneself from the threat of kidnapping.
Situation #1: An unfamiliar car stops in front of the sidewalk you're walking on. Suddenly, from the rear door a man emerges who tries to force you into the vehicle.
What to do:
1) Instead of instinctively resisting the attacker's pull, attack his eyes directly by shoving your fingers into the sockets to temporarily blind him.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense 2) While the attacker is unable to see, kick him as hard as possible in the groin.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense 3) Run away!
IDF's Guide for Self Defense
Situation #2: After neutralizing the first attacker, a second comes out from the rear door and pins your arms from behind.
What to do:
1) Kick him in the groin with your heel.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense
2) Hit him on the back of the head.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense 3) After his grip is shaken, finish him by kicking his face as hard as you can.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense Situation #3: Two attackers jump you; one pins your arms from behind and the other attacks you from the front.
What to do:
1) Kick the attacker in front of you as hard as possible and then pull down your body's center of gravity by bending forward.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense 2) Elbow the attacker behind you in the face.
IDF's Guide for Self Defense 3) Deliver another blow to your attacker's vulnerable area.

  1. IDF's Guide for Self Defense 4) Victory!
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