Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

      It seems most people begin the new year with a determination to do some things differently.  So do I.  Of course, there is always the vow to begin eating things that are good for me instead of stuffing myself with more of the wonderful Christmas treats I've been eating for the past month.  Then there is my plan to get more exercise. I am never eager to get outside in the winter so this year I have a new exercise bike to help me it that area.  Now if I would get a little more disciplined!  :o)
       But one of the most important resolutions I make each year is to be more consistent in the time I spend in prayer and reading the Bible.  I have to admit it is a struggle, but I keep trying.  It helps so much to have someone to hold me accountable.  That's why I'm excited we are studying Colossians in The Gathering on Wednesday nights, but I also feel I want to be reading more.  
      Our daughter was telling me about the wonderful plan their pastor introduced to the congregation of the church she attends in Nebraska.  She said he had purchased the Chronological Bible at a discount for church members and is encouraging the whole church to get one and read along with him this year.  He will then be preaching on what they have been reading during the week on Sundays.  And on Wednesdays, he has invited those who are interested to meet for coffee, discussion and questions on the material they're reading.  I think that sounds like a wonderful way to be held accountable, don't you?  It would help me immensely to have a couple hundred people reading the same passages so I could discuss it with any number of them?  I need some constructive peer pressure!
      She also sent this link to a blog the pastor recommended:  It looks to be very helpful, so I thought I would pass it on to you, too.
      Have you made a determination to be more consistent in reading God's word this year?  I would love to know what you're reading.  Do you have a specific plan, or are you studying a particular book, or do you just read wherever your Bible opens?   There are so many different ways to read the Bible, but of course, the most important thing is that we do it.  God can speak to us through any page of His Word if we are taking the time to be available.  How else will we get to know Him?  That is my main New Year's resolution.

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Lincy said...

I have decided to remind myself of the way God led the people in the Old Testament. This morning I read about the prophet of Judah in 1Kings 13. The story was very inspiring ..... 1. There is authority in the words of the anointed and #2. Importance of obeying Gods instructions!