Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vacation Log

      Yesterday we went to Naples to visit friends from Omaha who are staying there for the winter.  We had a delightful lunch at The Dock at Crayton Pier.  They then gave us a short driving tour of the city and took us to see where they are staying.  We sat on their lanai and "caught up" with the happenings in our families since we had last seen each other.  We were very impressed with the beauty of Naples.
     When we returned home we stopped at Venezia's at St. Armand's Circle for pizza.  Since we were already there we couldn't pass up another waffle cone at Kilwin's.  It's a good thing we have been walking a lot!
     Today we skipped breakfast in lieu of an early lunch at The Lazy Lobster.  It is about a mile from our condo so we enjoyed walking along the beach to get there.
     The weather has been absolutely beautiful here--in the upper 50's at night and the upper 70's during the day.
     I thought you might like to see what the Casa Del Mar looks like on the outside.  This is taken looking back from the beach.  We are on the second floor in the condo in the center that has the tall roof.  It actually has an extra loft bedroom.
      The following pictures show our view from the entry at the back of our condo.  The landscaping around the buildings is gorgeous and a sight for winter-weary eyes.  I love green!

      I wanted to include this picture because the sun was so beautiful this afternoon reflecting off the water!  It looked almost like diamonds on the ocean!

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