Friday, March 16, 2012

Amazing weather for March!

    We are having amazing weather for March!  Yesterday was 78 degrees!  The temp has been in the 70's for several days and is forecast to continue.
     I worked outside most of the day yesterday raking leaves from the front flower beds. (I still have the side beds and the back to do.  UGH!)  I can't believe how many Mule loads I carried to the burn pile!  I was so tired--and sore and stiff after all that work that I could hardly wait to get to bed last night!
     Today I'm planning to pick up sticks and then transplant a few more daffodils from the patch we found in a field on our property.  Every year I transplant a few more so that I already have a significant number growing on the sides of the lane and in the back yard, but I figure you can't have too many.  Since they are free and growing where no one can enjoy them why not continue adding them to my gardens every year.  Those I have transplanted over the years are in full bloom right now and looking beautiful.
    Maybe I'll add a few pictures later today once I get outside to get some photographs, so check back later if you're like me and like to have visuals.

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Lincy said...

Wish I was there to see the daffodils!