Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a glorious morning!

      I have been trying to finish raking the leaves from my flower beds this morning because a storm is forecast to arrive this afternoon.  I wanted to get the leaves burned before they get wet and soggy.  It is such a big job which I have been working on all week!   I think I have burned almost 25 Mule loads of leaves--just from the flower beds!  And I didn't even pick those up on the north side but instead raked them over the cliff and back into the woods.  Otherwise I would have had several more loads to burn.  Many years ago I discovered that it is easier and quicker to pick the leaves up if I rake them onto a 6'x8' tarp.  This helps to be able to pick up lots more at one time.  The Mule will hold 3 tarps full of leaves so that gives you a pretty good idea of how many leaves blow into my gardens during the winter.  UGH!      
      This is probably my least favorite job connected with living in the woods but there are some major benefits, too, such as being outdoors on this beautiful morning!  The redbuds are in full bloom.  I just had to share some pictures with you.  Every direction I look from our house I see redbuds blooming.  The woods' floor is also in bloom with a carpet of wildflowers as is evident in the next to the last picture.  I included the last picture so you could see a close up of the tiny flowers.  Anyone know the name of this plant?  I must look it up one of these days.

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Beautiful Pictures!