Monday, March 19, 2012

Mike McGroarty's Advice on Reducing Frost Damage

     I sometimes look at Mike McGroarty's website:  It is somewhat of an infomercial, but he also gives good tips and advice.  He had an interesting article on how to protect plants that have leafed out too early from late frosts and freezes which I am afraid I may need to do this year because of our unseasonably hot weather.  This is something I didn't know:

"When plants get covered with a coating of frost you can actually take a garden hose and rinse the frost off the plants and this actually helps.  Often times with frost the damage occurs when the sun comes up and hits the frost covered leaves or blooms.  The frost itself doesn’t do the actual damage.  It’s the sun shining through the frost that burns the plants.   But you have to start this rinsing process before the sun comes up.  You have to do it before the sun comes up."
     Click here to read the whole article.

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