Friday, March 30, 2012

Yeshua, Our Passover Lamb

      This is a very good explanation of the meaning of Passover and how it relates to us as Christians.  Passover this year begins in the evening of Friday, April 6, and ends in the evening of SaturdayApril 14.  Easter is celebrated on April 8th.

          Below is interesting info on how the date for Easter is determined.   
(See: for more info.)
        According to the Bible, Jesus’ death and resurrection occurred around the time of the Jewish Passover, which starts on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan.  This varies by year since the Jewish year is a lunar year and thus differs from the Gregorian calendar.  This soon led to Christians celebrating Easter on different dates.  
       In 325CE the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.  From that point forward, the Easter date depended on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the vernal equinox.  Easter is delayed by 1 week if the full moon is on Sunday.

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