Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Way I Clean My House--Weekly

     This post is a continuation of yesterday's post.  Because I feel "My Number One Rule" is the key to a clean house, I am going to post it again.

*My Number One Rule:  I find a place for everything and return it to that place as soon as I’m finished with it.  This takes a little discipline but saves so much time in the long run and keeps the house looking so much neater & easier to clean that you’ll be glad you incorporated this rule.

      In addition to the daily tasks I mentioned yesterday, I also try to do the following things once a week:

  1. Change bed linens (Wash immediately to put back on the bed, or store in linen closet.)
  2. Clean the bathrooms thoroughly including:
    1. The shower and/or bathtub to prevent mildew 
    2. The stool (I use Lime-away to remove hard water buildup)
    3. Wipe down the sink and counter tops.
    4. Polish the mirrors and plumbing hardware
    5. Mop the floor
  3. Dust all furniture and vacuum the entire house, including porches.
  4. Wipe down cabinets and mop kitchen floor and other bare floors including laundry room and halls  (depending on use, I may do this every couple of weeks instead of every week.
  5. Water houseplants  (Overwatering is one of the biggest problems for new plant owners so it helps to have a specific day and not to water until that day unless the plant is looking thirsty.)
  6. Do laundry.  (Because I have sorting bins in my laundry room, I throw the laundry in the washer whenever one, or all, are full so I actually do at least one load of laundry almost daily. 
  7. Do the ironing  (Ironing becomes more fun if I have a good movie to watch while I iron.)Think about menus for the week and plan grocery shopping so I will only need to go once a week.  I keep staples in my pantry. e.g.. pasta, rice, sugar, flour, canned soup, beans, tomato products, spaghetti sauce, etc. to combine for quick meals.

       I assign a different day of the week to complete each task if I have limited time, or I set aside one day and combine several tasks. 

    Here is an example of how I incorporate them into my cleaning each week:
     1. Monday: Daily tasks (see yesterday's post), plus I change the bed linens and do all the laundry
     2. Tuesday: Daily tasks, plus I iron and water house plants
     3. Wednesday (or Thursday) is shopping/errand day where I restock my pantry and buy items I need to prepare meals for the week.
     4. Thursday: Daily tasks, plus I clean the bathrooms, wipe down kitchen cabinets, if needed,(I sometimes do this every other week) and mop all floors.
     5. Friday: Daily tasks, plus I dust and vacuum and sometimes prepare food for the weekend.
     6. Saturday: minimal cleaning--at least make the beds
     7. Sunday: minimal cleaning--at least make the beds

*If you decide to try this plan I would suggest that you mark your calendar just as if you have an appointment to do each, and mark it off when completed until this becomes a habit.

       Tomorrow I will list the things I do monthly, or a couple of times a year to keep everything looking good.

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