Friday, March 9, 2012

The Way I Clean My House--Monthly and Twice A Year

     Today is the last post I'm planning to do on how I clean my house.  I'm sure you're all bored with this series, but it has been an interesting exercise for me.  Until Jessica asked, I had never thought much about how I do things so it has taken me quite awhile to sort it all out.
     As I think about the tasks I only do occasionally I must say that I allow myself quite a bit of leeway.  I try to do them monthly and twice a year, but those are goals I'm shooting for.  If I only get them done every other month--or once a year, my house is still cleaner than it would have been if I had not set some goals.  So here are the tasks I can think of that I only do periodically:

Monthly:  (I combine these with my weekly tasks once a month.)
  1. Wipe off ceiling fan blades
  2. Vacuum and/or wipe down woodwork, including doors and picture frames
  3. Thoroughly clean refrigerator shelves and throw out old food
  4. Sweep thoroughly and/or clean the garage.  I sweep around the back door weekly, but I don't get around to cleaning the whole garage except every few weeks.  (If only I could train Country Guy to do the garage regularly--he did sweep it last night for me since we are having guests and I just didn't have time.)
Twice a year:
  1. Move furniture to vacuum under and/or re-arrange furniture in room.
  2. Wash all windows and wipe down window screens, inside and out.
  3. Wash curtains and/or mini-blinds
  4. Dust/vacuum ceilings for cobwebs
  5. Remove and wash glass in light fixtures
  6. Clean closets
  7. Clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers
      As I write these out it seems like much to do--I guess it is--but it really is not as difficult or overwhelming as it may seem at first reading.  Try it for a few weeks and see if you don't find yourself with a much cleaner house and some extra time on your hands each day to enjoy doing something you like.
            I hope this exercise in thinking how I clean house has been beneficial to someone besides me.  If any of you have other tips to share please post them under comments.  I know we would all be glad for some new ideas to add variety and make the job a little easier.

Don't forget:

*My Number One Rule:  I find a place for everything and return it to that place as soon as I’m finished with it.  This takes a little discipline but saves so much time in the long run and keeps the house looking so much neater & easier to clean that you’ll be glad you incorporated this rule.

      *If you’re interested, I did a blog post several months ago on "My Favorite Cleaning Products".  You can find it here.

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