Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prophetic Word: The Ball is Rolling! by Chuck Pierce

A New Path of Breakthrough!
    Dear Overcomers, here is a recent word that will encourage you to press forward:
    "I'm starting a ball rolling and I am going to roll over what stood in your way in the last season. I'm starting a ball rolling and I am going to make a way and pave a way for you to come on through. Move quickly behind Me, for things are now rolling from Heaven. For you have rolled your cares upon Me and now the ball is rolling on your behalf and becoming a way opener for you.
     "I have rest times along the way, and I have refreshments prepared for you, but don't stop till you see My table. And don't be afraid, for many times My table will be prepared in the face of your enemy. Eat and sup with Me and your enemy will even give up the spoils that are in his house.
      "I'm removing a coat of rejection from My people. No longer will they be afraid to be rejected. As they go and sit I will use them to determine who will receive My grace and who will choose My judgments. Remove your old coat of rejection and put on the armor of glory that I am contending for you to wear.
     "My harvest fields are two layers down. Therefore, you must remove the iniquity out of the ground, and as the iniquity flees, the seed you've sown will begin to rise. Open your eyes, for I will use you like I used Judah to plow the fields that were sown in other generations. Your Redeemer is already in and has the field planned for you. But the crop has yet to spring forth.
      "Watch carefully for a new crop is springing forth and your eyes will see it flowing in the wind, and you will say, 'I am ready to go in with my Redeemer.' And what wasn't redeemed in last season, I will have you bring out with arm loads in this season.
      "The sound that has captured you, that held you serving the slavery of your bloodline, I say I will liberate you from that sound. Where you have wealth strategies, I will uncover those strategies; and where you had healing hands, I will anoint those hands; and where you had the ability to write I will cause you to write and pen what will cause even the learned to come alive. My redemptive gifts will come alive in My people this season.
      "For you've been in agreement with poverty and you've been in agreement with lack and you've been in agreement with infirmity. But I say there is a shout of 'SOW!' coming up within My people. And when I hear it, what you've sown will then come alive. For through the ages I changed the call of My people and I called them to accomplish My purpose. I say your call is changing and Heaven is releasing a call to new fields – a call to plow and a call to see what has been sown in the last 50 years."
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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