Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Festivals & Events projects

     The Festivals & Events Action Team is working on 3 pretty big (at least for us) projects right now.  We are raising funds through donations and engraved bricks to build an amphitheater on the new park land given to the city of Martinsville by the Linn Trust.
    We are also planning to turn this property into a botanical garden by labeling all existing plants and trees with their common and scientific names, and to also plant areas of the Garden with plants chosen to diversify the types of plants in the Garden.
     Our third project involves planning a National Road Festival to be held June 14-16, for our town with a historical theme of festivities--the most exciting--as far as I am concerned--is an equine parade.  Because there are so few parades totally devoted to horses/mules/ponies and horse drawn vehicles we believe this will be a popular addition to the Festival.
     Today I have been thinking about and doing some research on what needs to be included in the registration form for the parade.  I've been enjoying this fun project because I have discovered several other all-horse parades in several different states.  I called the contact person of a parade in Utah to see if he had any information to share with us since this is our first parade.  He was very helpful, gave me his email address, and said we could contact him with any questions. What an interesting way to get connected with other people!
     If you live near our area I hope you will put the weekend of June 14-16 on your calendar.  We believe it is going to be a weekend you won't want to miss, and the beginning of a tradition.

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