Monday, January 14, 2013

Harry & Bud's

   Yesterday we had a fun & delicious dining experience!
    A couple of weeks ago as we were returning from Terre Haute, I was entertaining myself with my smartphone.  I decided to look up the best-rated restaurants in Terre Haute on TripAdvisor--one of my favorite places to get tips for great places to 'check out' when traveling.  To my surprise, Harry & Bud's European Cuisine was rated #1.  I have lived in this area for 10 years now and had never heard of this restaurant!  A few days later, I happened to check out the Yelp app on my phone, which I use in addition to TripAdvisor to find good places to eat in the area we're visiting.  I discovered Harry & Bud's had great reviews there, too.
     The reviews were intriguing--saying the food was delicious but there were no menus.  They also recommended calling to make sure the owner--who is also the only employee--was there before going.  They mentioned there was no sign on the restaurant to identify the building so it was a little difficult to find if you didn't have the exact address.  All of these things created much curiosity in us!
     Country Guy & I decided we must check it out, so we invited friends to go with us.  I made reservations for 1:30 Indy time yesterday.  For awhile we were afraid we were going to have to cancel because of the weather--raining and 30 degrees, but decided we must go, if at all possible, since we had made reservations!
      We're so glad we did!  For one thing, the owner, Jeffrey, had begun cooking for us at 10:00.  (We discovered this in our conversation with him during our meal.)  We were the only people in the restaurant!  He said he only books one party of up to 10 people at a time!  After being seated and introducing ourselves, Jeffrey began cooking.  He told us to enjoy our time together--that it would take him a little while to get the food ready.  After 45 minutes or so, he brought out an enormous amount of food!  There was a vegetable quiche,  pork roast with a wonderful sauce, roasted garlic, squash, leeks, gnocchi with lentils, shrimp on a spicy risotto, tuna with cauliflower, a French tart and mushroom crepes, orange roughy on split peas, roasted asparagus & brussels sprouts, our choice of black bean or tomato soup, chicken and polenta, a delicious, hearty bread, and then to top it off--a blackberry crumble sprinkled with chocolate!  It was an amazing feast!  We ate till we couldn't eat anymore and then brought home enough food to last us several meals!  All of this for the lunch price of $25/person!  He said he charges $35/person for dinner but cooks more dishes!
     If you live in our area, or are passing through, be sure to try out this amazing restaurant.  It is a dining experience you will never forget!

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Wow1 That's neat! I wondered if you were going to try it out...sounds like a fun experience!