Thursday, January 3, 2013


      As you may have read in a post a year or so ago, I decided to publish a cookbook containing my favorite recipes to give to my children & grandchildren for Christmas 2011.  Once I discovered it was much more economical to order several, I decided to order 250 for friends, family, and other interested parties.  Since most of those are gone, my sister asked if I would consider ordering more.  We have decided to place another large order and split it because she & her husband have several people they would like to give them to.
      The cost is the same whether I order extra copies or republish the cookbook, so I decided I would republish it and correct the few typos I found in the first one.  Republishing would also make it possible to add a few recipes I had forgotten.
      I believe the cookbook would be even more interesting and useful if you readers would add some of your great recipes.  If you have any favorites you're willing to share, I would love to have them!   Please send them to me at in the next week, or two.  (I need to re-submit the entire book before the 1st of February and it takes awhile to get it organized.)  I would consider it a wonderful gift if you desire to participate in this memory I'm making for my family & friends!  Extra copies will be available, if you want one, too.  I will also be posting all the recipes under the Recipes Pages on the blog.

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