Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cooking with coconut oil

      What kind of oil do you use for cooking?  I have listened to the so-called experts who have said we must use unsaturated oil to replace butter, lard, etc. because it is so much better for our health, but now I am reading from several sources these 'experts' have been wrong.  Many, including Dr. Mercola, whose insights into medicine and health I enjoy, have been recommending using nothing but unrefined, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and butter in the kitchen.  Dr. Mercola says we should throw out any other oils we have used for cooking because they are so bad for us.
      Well, I haven't gotten to that step yet, but I finally bought some coconut oil--which to my surprise wasn't oil at all, but instead looked very much like lard--a solid white substance.  In our small community it has been difficult to find, and now that I have read comments on other sites, I may not yet have the right kind since it is not unrefined or virgin.  (This that I have has no taste or smell but I have read the unrefined has a slight nutty flavor and slight coconut smell.)
      I have begun experimenting with using it instead of the oils I previously used in recipes.  Country Guy made popcorn with it last night, which was delicious!  Yesterday I made stir-fry for lunch--also delicious!  Today I am making dinner rolls with coconut oil as the shortening added to the recipe.  If it has even some of the health benefits I have been reading about, I see no reason not to use it instead of the oils I've been cooking with.  A few more experiments and I will be convinced, I think.
      Here and here are a couple of the many articles to read on the internet explaining the benefits of coconut oil--which include using it as a skin moisturizer..

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