Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Tax Issue Prophesied by Chuck Pierce

        It is encouraging to read these prophetic words given previously by Chuck Pierce and to hear in the news that they are now coming to pass.

Current word from the Lord – sent by Chuck D. Pierce on May 16, 2013:
      This is a wonderful week to celebrate! We have pressed 50 days from Passover to Pentecost, and now is the time to celebrate the provision of the Lord!
        Pentecost is a time to give with a joyful heart! If you were with us on Sunday morning, you heard the word that the Spirit of God had me release:
       "I created you and I gifted you so you could be given to others. Do not withhold! Do not withhold! For this will be a day that I will reach My hand in and flip open that oil well that has been shut within you. There are wells to be released within you, and if you are willing to pour out, I am willing to open up. Now is a time for you to give away what you have never seen that you had to give! I will reveal to you how I created you to give!"
      This was such a powerful word, and I believe in days ahead the Lord is going to lead us to give in ways we've never imagined we could give. This will go far beyond checks or cash gifts, and into creative releases of giving that reflect the diversity of our God!
      IRS Tax Issue Prophesied from Middletown, OH, to Chicago, IL, to Manahawkin, NJ, to Denton, TX, to Jekyll Island, GA:
For several years we have prayed and asked the Lord about the Internal Revenue Service. We actually went on a prayer journey in 2005 to Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve System was birthed. See how the Lord began to speak about the shaking of the IRS! Here is what we have heard:

May 3, 2012 at Reigning Church Conference in Middletown, Ohio:
       And the Lord would say, "The wind has shifted tonight in Middletown, Ohio. In the midst of this nation there is a movement of wind in the tops of the mulberry bushes. The trees are beginning to speak. The trees are clapping their hands and rejoicing that the earth is now shifting and creation has cried out for things to change! I have come to release and to relieve you of the burden you've been carrying.
       "As the wind blows, My People will come from behind and overtake the enemy who has captured the last ten decades of this nation. Go back ten decades from this place in this nation and you will see how the enemy captured plans that I ordained to happen. Your bloodline will come alive and no longer say, 'Will we remain captive?'
       "Sounds and worship that was captured in one season will now be released! Hear the sound of the overturning of the tables in My tabernacle! Within My synagogues and within My churches, and within My gatherings the tables of last season are now being overturned. Where My people were held captive one way to be ruled, now they are coming out from under that captivity.
       "Hear the sound that is coming. This is a sound of revolt that will change the tax structure of this nation. The tax structure of this nation now will attempt to raise its head to rule in an unlawful way! Just as I caused King Uzziah to die when he raised his head, I will destroy that that tries to rule My Church wrongfully in days ahead."

May 28, 2012 at Truth and Deliverance Conference in Chicago, Illinois:
      I had a significant dream as I was going to Chicago. I knew this dream was linked with our nation. I knew the dream had great significance since our President was from Chicago.
      In the dream the Lord took me down into the sewage structure of Chicago. Rats were in a council. The rats were holding court in the sewer. They had a gavel. They had robes. They were gathered like a society and holding court in the sewage system. They were plotting, and they were planning. I felt like it had been hours, watching and listening to their plotting. All of a sudden the rat with the gavel saw me. He commanded the whole group to move toward me and remove me from watching. They turned to lunge on me and that's when I awoke. Here is what the Lord says about this dream:
        "There's a plot going on deep in the heart of this city that will affect this nation. He brought me to Chicago to decree what was happening in the nation. "This plot is linked into judicial government. Because of [the] worshipping [in] this gathering, I will now expose the plot." The rats are plotting to stop the Kingdom movement. This was like a cartoon where animals had faces and they knew how to talk but represented something else.
Yield     The rats are plotting down deep in this city with judicial government that will hinder God's people and His movement in this nation in days ahead. They were plotting to use tax and debt structures to hold back God's plan of advancement.
       They were plotting through the present tax structure of the United States. They were using unrighteous strategies set against God's people to bring the entire next move of God and God's people into captivity, so that they are held in control to tax structures that are illegal and unjust!
         This plot is trying to take root to hold back the move of God for the next season. This is going to get exposed and be broken and God's people are going to advance. The council of Hell has been exposed by the Spirit of God, by the Blood of Jesus! What was being counseled against you is now exposed. Even the President will acknowledge this structure and say, 'NO'!

February 21, 2013 in Manahawkin, New Jersey:
      "This will be the most unprecedented year of change in Delaware. (The first state in our nation – for what happens in the first is a key to what happens in the nation!) This will be a key over the redoing of tax structures (in the nation), and rearrange the way tax structures are moving" (in the nation).
         "Do not prophesy to maintain how things presently exist. For 'whom the bell tolls' is over Delaware! (This was a key book/movie about the Spanish resistance and strategically blowing a bridge in perfect timing.) Watch Me redo so much of what has not been redone so that My People are freed up to enter into a freedom that they have never experienced." (Note: the Vice-President is from Delaware!)

January 25, 2010 in Denton, Texas:
        "I'm changing the tax structure now. I'm setting you ahead of the tax structure to expose what needs to be exposed that is illegal. Do not keep looking for April and enter into a disagreement or an agreement with what you have known. I am starting a work now to change the tax structure of this land! I will rise up and surprise those that will reform this structure! The unjust burden that has been upon My people will now begin to shift in a new way."

June 2005 in Jekyll Island, Georgia:
        In June, 2005, we went to Jekyll Island to pray where the Federal Reserve was conceived.
The Lord began to speak, "Satan has a plan. But I AM convening this meeting, so you can shift things in the economic heart of this nation right. Now I'm going to give you strategies to reverse the debt and tax structure that would hold My people captive. I've brought you here because a government was formed in this place. This government was illegally formed and has controlled governments of the earth. You have matured in My government in a way that you can decree from a governmental place, a shift to change the course of the civil government. I have gathered you! I have convened you! I have placed you to release what needs to be released at this time.
       The pillars of the IRS and Federal Reserve System will now shake! I will ordain you as Samson was ordained, only you will be wise enough not to be seduced and have your strength removed.
I will ordain you now to tear down the pillars that are holding in place the enemy's plan to control the My building of what I have planned to build in the future. I have brought you here to push, and as you push, things will change."
       This is happening now!

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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