Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wild Turkey Nest

    Have you ever seen a wild turkey nest?  When Country Guy and I were mushroom hunting yesterday we almost stepped on the hen turkey who was sitting on this nest.  I couldn't have been 2 feet away when I noticed the ground looked unusual in her direction--sort of mottled brown & white.  Just as she was coming into focus and I began to recognize her as a turkey she jumped up, greatly startling us, and flew/ran away.  Hopefully, she'll return.  We left right away so as not to disturb her any more than we already had.
    Of course, since I had my phone along I thought I might as well share a picture of what her nest looked like in case you've never seen one.  I noticed she tipped one of the eggs out of the nest in her haste to get away, so it looks as if she was setting on 11 eggs.  You may not be able to tell from the picture but they were about the size of a kiwi.
    This is only the second wild turkey nest I've ever seen.  The other one was a couple of years ago under similar circumstances.  It had 18 eggs in it!

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