Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Frustration

    I can't find my camera anywhere!  I've had it for several years--probably 5 or 6--and I loved it!  In all the time I've had it, I have never once misplaced it.  I keep it in my purse, or stowed in a basket on the kitchen counter.  It is not there or in my car, or at anyone's house where I've been in the past few weeks.  I've searched everywhere!
      Recently I've been taking a few pictures with my cell phone, but last weekend was an important occasion and I wanted to be certain to have good pictures.  Our grandson, Daniel, graduated from high school.  All the family was together, including our daughter-in-law's family, who are our good friends from Nebraska.  It was a time I wanted to document with beautiful pictures, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  I have a couple of pictures of Daniel with all of us, but none in his cap & gown.  Hopefully, someone will share one of theirs with me.
      Since we're taking Daniel & his brother, Parker, to Europe this summer as their graduation present (Parker won't graduate for 2 years but we thought we would give him an early graduation gift so they could enjoy the trip together) I will be needing a good camera.  I spent some time online the past couple of days researching the best camera options.  I've decided on the Canon G15.  It is small, but still has a substantial feel.  It is fully automatic, but also offers the flexibility to manually set the controls if I'm feeling adventurous and experimental.  It has exceptional reviews from the camera experts.  I ordered one yesterday and can't wait for it to come so that I can begin learning how to use it.  Actually the camera I lost was a G10.  I took some wonderful photos with it.  Since the G15 is a several-generation-upgrade of the G10 I'm sure it will be an excellent replacement for my lost camera.  I expect to be fully acquainted with it before our trip and look forward to capturing beautiful photos of the memories created together with our grandsons.
      Maybe it was time for a new camera.  How disappointed I would have been if the old one had quit working on our trip!

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