Thursday, May 23, 2013

Judge Goes Off Deep End To Shut Up Christians

     Whether you are a Christian or not you should watch some of this video.  Our freedoms are being taken away.  Only those who hold the same beliefs as those in authority are allowed to express those beliefs.    
     Our 'political correctness' has gotten us into deep trouble.  Islam is a violent religion.  It does not allow for any other expression of religion.  We, in America, are so used to being tolerant of others that we are ignorant of the fact that others are not tolerant--and will never be tolerant-- of Christianity.  We must return to the values this country was founded upon.  It is almost too late!  Wake up Americans!!

       Could you ever believe this would happen?  The police stand by as eggs, cans, etc. are thrown at these people.  It is one thing to disagree with what others are saying, but to be allowed to harm them is quite unacceptable.  What has happened to equal rights?
       What has happened to common sense?!!

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