Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Adventure

      What a busy day!!  Mom & I needed to go to Terre Haute to get a bridal shower gift.  On the way we passed a horse and carriage coming toward Marshall.  Since we are having a horse parade at the Heritage Days Festival I decided to turn around and see if I could get the driver's attention to invite him to participate in the parade.  It just so happened that I arrived back at the intersection as he did when the light was red so I rolled down the window, asked him if he knew about the parade and gave him a brochure before the light changed.  Hopefully, he will come!  Mom & I agreed this was a first in our lives--the first time we've ever flagged down a horse & driver.
       I also needed to pick up supplies at Staples for the elevator so when checking the coupons for Staples I discovered their banners were on sale for half-price online.  Last night at the Festivals & Events meeting we had discussed purchasing banners to place at the main intersections of Route 40 in Martinsville, Marshall & Casey to announce the Heritage Days Festival.  After checking on sizes, prices, and the materials they would be printed on it and consulting with Norma at Accents we decided  to place an order with Staples.  I came home and worked on and submitted a design.  We will hopefully have the banners installed at the intersections this weekend.  Here is a screen shot of the banner.  It will be 2 1/2 feet tall by 8 feet long.
   Once I submitted the design I rode over to some of our farm land with Country Guy to drive our son's truck back from the field he had been working in.  Country Guy then went to Charleston to pick up mulch for my gardens and I stayed home to transplant several plants & pull weeds to get them ready for the mulch tomorrow.  About 8:00 I came in to fix us something to eat.  And now I am catching up with my blog and with email correspondence.  What a day!

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