Saturday, May 11, 2013


     It seems we have been adopted by a cat.  She showed up a few days ago acting very hungry.  Country Guy fed her 3 eggs & 2 slices of ham and she still was meowing.  A couple of days ago I bought cat food which she now wolfs down with a couple of eggs daily.
      She seems to be trying to tell us she is an inside cat since she stands at the door and meows every time she sees us.  Unfortunately for her this in not an 'inside cat' house.  She loves to be petted so, of course, every time I walk outside she arches her back and twines herself around my legs.
      We occasionally have mice so I have not been adverse to the idea of a cat.  I dislike mice much more than I dislike cats, but one reason we have never had an outside cat is because we have a screened porch which I did not want cats climbing on.  This one appears to have been de-clawed so it doesn't look as if that argument will work.  Unless someone comes looking for her, or one of our grandchildren decides they want her to live with them, it looks as if she is here to stay.
What do you think?  She looks pretty content, doesn't she?

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