Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday in Italy

      Another fun & interesting day in Italy.  We left the agritourismo in Tuscany this morning.  On our way to 2 nights in Venice we stopped at the American Cemetery in Florence where WWII veterans are buried.  It was a very moving experience.
       As we were about 20 minutes from the stop where we would catch the boat into Venice our bus broke down.  The tour guide was able to contact a company in Forence who had a bus in the area so we got to ride on an Italian bus, too.  (Ours is a Belgium bus.). The new bus had WiFi so we were glad to check our mail on the way our stop.
       After an orientation walk and dinner we took a moonlight gondola ride.
       The boys said Venice is their favorite place so far.

(I'm having a terrible time posting with my iPad.  I should have practiced before I left so please overlook my mistakes and my short explanations.  It takes me about 3 times as long to type anything!)

Our hotel in Venice-Al Piave
The boys' room in Venice

The keys to all our rooms in every hotel were exceptionally large so you would not be inclined to carry them with you, but instead to leave them at the desk

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