Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hopefully I have figured out how to post pictures

       We are now in Tuscany for 2 days after spending 3 days in Rome. While we were in Rome we visited the major sites -- the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Parthenon,  Peter's Basilica, the Spanish Steps, the market at Campo di Fiori, and the Trastevere neighborhood, and spent time wandering through neighborhoods.  It was all very interesting.  The boys seem to be taking it all in and enjoying the experience.  Of course we are so glad to have the opportunity to share it with them!  I think I have figured out how to post pictures from the iPad.  The only problem is I must take them with the iPad but most I have taken with my camera.
        Tomorrow we will be taking a day trip into Florence.

At the Colosseum
The market at Campo de Fiori

The churches were beautiful!!

Church of St. Peter in Chains

Our hotel, which is an agrotourismo, in Tuscany

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