Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25

       Today was our longest and least interesting bus ride.  It was broken up by a few stops because the law is that a bus driver must have a 20 minute break after driving 2 hours.  Our lunch stop was at a supermarket/mall/cafeteria.  It was interesting to see that most of the things sold and the shops there were similar to what we have in the U.S.
       The drive was worth it though.  We arrived at our hotel in rural France about 5:30.  It is actually a renovated farmhouse built in 1862.  Our room is on the first floor and has double doors out onto the front porch.  We had dinner outside in the yard while a French couple sang and played the accordion all evening.  The kids played soccer and badminton and enjoyed the wonderful weather and the beautiful setting.  A very special evening.
     Tomorrow we are off to Paris for our last 2 days in Europe.  We will first make a stop to see a castle under construction which should be fascinating.  Each stop on the trip has been really special!  How blessed we are to have been able to experience this trip with our grandsons!
Our hotel

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