Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22

       It is very difficult to keep track of days!  Is it Monday or Tuesday?  Whatever day it is we have had a wonderful day in Austria & Germany.  After breakfast we met our guide for a 3 mile hike to Neuwanstein (sp) Castle across the German border.  The walk was fantastic!  Much of it was along a beautiful, clear lake where we could see fish swimming many feet down.  After touring the castle we hiked up to a suspension bridge to take pictures of the castle and the surrounding valley, then we hiked along a beautiful gorge with a waterfall.  After a picnic lunch in town, our bus driver took us to the Tegelburg Luge.  What fun!!  The boys loved it and were able to go down 3 times.  We got back to the hotel around 3:30 where the boys rented mountain bikes and rode down to the river to play along the shore.  My pedometer says we have walked 9.88 miles (22,332 steps).  We had a delicious traditional Austrian dinner of schnitzel.
Our hotel in Austria--Gustof Schluxen

The suspension bridge

 Tomorrow we go to Switzerland for 2 nights.


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your updates. It sounds like a very memorable time.