Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23

      We had a long bus ride today but it was broken up by a couple of interesting stops.  One of the was a small town, Fieldkirk (sp), Austria, for lunch.  We found a sandwich/bake shop where we had chicken schnitzel sandwiches with tartar sauce--very good! The town had a colorful outdoor market which we walked through afterwards.  I love the markets in Europe!
       Our trip from the hotel in Austria to our hotel in Switzerland took us through 4 countries--Germany, Lichtenstein, back into a corner of Austria and then to Switzerland.  The scenery was fantastic.  It rained really hard with hail an hour or so from our destination, but by the time we got to Wengen it had stopped and the sun came out.  There is a possibility of rain tomorrow but we have several things planned anyway.  We had dinner with our group at the hotel and then a couple of Swiss musicians entertained us with a Swiss horn, yodeling, and an accordion.
   The boys have made a new friend on the trip & the 3 of them have had lots of fun.  They rented bikes yesterday and rode down to the river near our hotel to explore.  This evening they have been exploring the village of Wengen.  I have enjoyed watching the interaction and the friendship develop.
     It has been a great trip and we still have a few days left.
Beautiful Flower Market in Fieldkirk

Boarding the train to Wengen--which has no automobile traffic

Our hotel--Hotel Falken in Wengen

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