Monday, July 1, 2013

Milky Way & Gage

      Our 5 year old grandson, Gage, was here from Nebraska a few days ago.  He loves cats so he and Granddad were on the deck petting the cat which I wrote about a couple of months ago who showed up and decided to stay.  (See blog post here.)  I went back and read the original post and saw that I failed to mention she showed up with male cats following.
      Gage was wondering why we had not named her.  We call her Kitty--but that didn't seem like a name to him.  Since she is obviously pregnant they were discussing how many kittens she might have.  Granddad said she would probably have 4-6.  Gage didn't see how she could take care of that many until she rolled over on her back so they could pet her stomach.  Gage was incredulous!  He said, "Whoa, she has 6 milkers!"
      He decided a good name for her would be Milky Way!  So now Kitty has an official name.
      I'll let you know if she has enough "milkers" to take care of all the kittens that seem to be growing in her huge stomach!  And if you know of anyone who needs a kitten, be sure to tell them where they can find one (or more).  I'm sure we will be looking for homes for several!

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