Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Agree--"Things That Should Be Common Sense to Americans" Mel Whitlock

Things That Should Be Common Sense to Mel Whitlock

1. All elected officials, both Federal and State, should be given term limits

2. Illegal Aliens hurt the American job market, hurt the economy, and break the law

3. It is immoral to forcefully take from one group to aid another group

4. America should not bail out companies, big business, or banks

5. Communities do a better job with social uplift than the government ever could

6. More people get on welfare than get off welfare, the system doesn't work!

7. Politicians should not go into congress poor, and come out millionaires (suspect)

8. If a person earns it, he has a right to keep it!

9. Americans must depend on the government for roads, local government for public safety

10. Legislation for or against gay relationships or abortion, should not exist. Cannot legislate morality. Gay marriage cannot exist, because it does in fact open doors for all 'other' marriages. It is better to dissolve the influence of marriage period before include it beyond man and woman

11. Government should not force people to pay into a system period (social security), but leave it up to the individual

12. Racism did, does, and will always exist in legislation can fix it

13. Poverty did, does, and will always exist in legislation can fix it

14. Despite a lie from a "dumb ass president," all Americans want clean air and water

15. Racially, we are more divided now, than we were under the Bush years

16. America has no business in foreign countries that do not harbor terrorism against Americans

17. America should not depend on foreign oil when we have our own

18. High taxes are a problem, and Americans should only pay taxes for roads-public safety-public schools. Everyone hates the IRS!

19. We all care about education, our next generation, and our future

20. We all generally believe we have a right to keep the money we earn

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