Friday, August 9, 2013

What a Summer!

     Last night Country Guy & I were discussing how busy this summer has been with planting season, cutting hay, Graduation, Heritage Days, friends and family visiting from Nebraska, an All-Star Football game, trying to keep up with the gardens and lawn, a nephew's wedding & family from out of town, the Martinsville Fair, a trip to Europe and then one to Nebraska.  We were realizing that we have no plans this weekend and what a rarity that is!  (Of course, we have plans to 'catch up' on yard work, but no social plans.)  As we talked, we determined the last time we had a free weekend was June 8th.
     Last week was particularly tiring because of jet lag. We had promised our 2 middle grandchildren that we would take them to Nebraska some time this summer to see their younger cousins but time was running out with school starting so early.  It seemed last weekend was the only time to follow through with our promise.  We left on Friday and returned Monday.  I returned with a sore throat and not feeling well so I haven't been doing much this week.  (Sometimes our body knows that we must slow down when we won't do it ourselves.)  So I have been resting and reading.
     I finished Christianus Sum which I started on the plane to Rome and then read The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, a 700+ page novel I picked up at the Goodwill Store.  I liked it so much that I looked to see if she had written other books.  It seems this one is the first book of a series of three so I checked, found the others there at used book prices and ordered them.  I then read The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzman which was interesting enough for me to finish but the writing style did not compare to Donnelly's.
     Today I'm taking our oldest granddaughter to lunch to celebrate her birthday which was June 5th!  We have been way too busy!!

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