Thursday, August 1, 2013

Glenn Clark quotes

      Our family has been profoundly affected by experiences we have had through participation in Camps Farthest Out--an interdenominational family camp which was founded in 1930 by Glenn Clark.  I have been very much influenced by his writings so thought I would post some excerpts.  These were compiled by Carolyn Miller who is the prayer co-ordinator for the United Prayer Tower which is an arm of CFO.

Excerpts on Prayer from the writings of Glenn Clark...

"Let us pause and think for one moment what miracles could happen in this world if we should sincerely and earnestly Hallow our Father's name in earth as it is hallowed in Heaven!" I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
"Before it is possible to commune with God, one must know that God surrounds all...God is in all...the Kingdom of Heaven is 'here and now'"
The Soul's Sincere Desire
"This is the goal of all true make the 'stretching' of the mind to see God a continuous habit all through the make the deep breathing of the soul a steady automatic habit of the subconsciousness. This is in accord with Apostle Paul's admonition, 'pray without ceasing'" The Soul's Sincere Desire
"First step in preparing ourselves for clearing the channel...making ready for the inflow of God's done not by thinking of one's self... 
but by fixing one's eyes on God. Think of God as ALL LOVING...ALL POWERFUL...ALL PERFECT...with no fear...
Then keeping our gaze steadily upon God...wipe from the glass of our vision the mist of self....and as Apostle Paul says 'we will cease to see through a glass darkly and see face to face' " The Soul's Sincere Desire
"First requirement of a Fisher of Men is 'a humility that manifests itself in transparency'" Fishers of Men
"Second requirement of a Fisher of Men is courage." Fishers of Men
" we hope it will change outward conditions about us...prayer must first of all change conditions within us...if we want something in the world changed...first change us (me)" The Thought Farthest Out

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