Sunday, January 11, 2015

Exciting News for Heritage Days!

      We found out Thursday that Brocton is not going to hold their Draft Horse, Mule & Pony Show anymore.  In the past it has been held the first weekend of June and has been widely attended. Rodney Wood, who has spearheaded the show, said he is ready to retire and there is no one who wants to take it over.  Therefore, he has said he will advise us and help in any way he can if we want to move it to Martinsville as a part of our Heritage Days Festival.  We are very excited about this!  It fits in so well with our theme and will be a wonderful addition, so we are busy planning the show to fit our Heritage Days schedule.  We are also encouraging the Horse Show participants to be in our Equine Parade so we are expecting the parade to be exceptional this year.
      The Martinsville Fairgrounds will be a perfect place to hold the Horse Show.  Since Heritage Days will be held at the Linn Park/Amphitheater/Veteran's Park we will run trams between the two facilities for those who want to participate in both.
      So today I am working on a new website for the Festival and the Horse Show.  When it is finished it can be found at  I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish it because I decided to try a webhosting site to create the website instead of Blogger where I created this one and the one for the Linn Park Amphitheater.   In a few days if you are interested, check the website to see some of the great things that will be happening at Heritage Days.
      And wish me luck--or better yet--say a prayer--that I can figure out how to finish the website. I enjoy learning new things but sometimes I get a little frustrated :o) in the process.

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