Sunday, January 18, 2015

Human Sex Trafficking

        Have you become aware of the prevalence of human sex trafficking? I was pretty much oblivious to it until I saw the movie, Nefarious, a few years ago which certainly opened my eyes.
       Then recently I read Priceless: A Novel From the Edge of the World.  Even though this book is a novel, it explained well the hopelessness and terror of those caught in the human sex trade.
       And then yesterday Graham Cooke mentioned in his email to subscribers that he supports the non-profit, NOT FOR SALE, whose goal is to free people who have been enslaved by trafficking?  I went to the website: and learned even more about how prevalent sex trafficking is.
      If you have young children--particularly girls--you will want to aprise yourself of some of this information and possibly become active in helping to free those who are victims already.

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