Thursday, January 15, 2015

Your Watch Word For 2015: "Make My Presence Your Priority" by Russ Walden

     I like this word from Russ Walden.   Living is God's Presence must be our greatest desire and goal.  I believe it is God's greatest desire, too.  He has much to show us and tell us if we will only sit still long enough to hear Him. I am guilty of this.  It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily life, but I am trying to be better at taking time to be still.  It is an ongoing struggle, isn't it?

"Make My presence your priority this year," says the Father."Invoke My presence as you rise in the morning and rest in My presence when you lay your head down at night. Yoke up with My presence throughout your day, each day, and do not allow anything to cause you to deviate from your attentiveness with My presence.

"Make My presence your priority in 2015," says the Father. "As you immerse yourself in My presence I will guide you with My eye. I will lead you to the hidden treasures of secret place as the voice speaking over your shoulder saying, 'This is the way, walk in it…'

"I will come behind you with My wind and carry you along in the current of My river. Because My river will break out of the banks of man's limitation so you will break out of your banks and flow into and experience the full floodplain of My favor in 2015. (Photo via Wikimedia)

"You will find My favor in the morning. You will find My favor in the evening. You will sit at the table of My favor in the presence of your enemies and they will not be able to reduce you or inhibit you in anyway.

"Make My presence your priority," says the Father, "for 2015 will be a gauntlet of distraction. The tyranny of the urgent will go to war with the priority of My presence. The enemy is very time conscious for he knows his time is short – therefore he will intensify his wrath against you and against My Kingdom. Do not put your attention on the enemy but let your eye go beyond the second heaven and garner your instructions from My throne – for I will give you rule over your enemy with an iron hand.
From Authority to Authorization
"Come up higher," says the Father. "Come up out of contention and into ruling and reigning. Make My presence your priority,"says the Father. "If your focus is on problems then the year will be problematic and you will have problems and be a problem. I haven't called you into problems," says the Father. "I have called you to your place of entitlement and rule at My right hand.

"Make My presence your priority," says the Father. "Set your affections upon Me and as I am, so will you be on the earth. Look to the throne and you will be enthroned. Look to My authority and you will receive authorization. I said you will move from AUTHORITY to AUTHORIZATION. Mind not small things,"says the Father.

"Mind not small things but magnify Me and you will be magnified and move into the largeness of My Kingdom. Mind not the boundaries set by man or your own limited thinking and you will experience My boundlessness and enjoy a life without restriction.

"Reject contention now," says the Father. "Don't look back. Don't look back and you WILL move forward. Know that this year you are GOING where you are GIVING. Give toward greater things and greater anointings and greater ministries that you are walking in yourself and you WILL experience promotion.

"If you want to walk in the prophetic and know My voice give to the prophetic. If you want to go to the mission field give to My messengers. Give toward those works and ministries that represent the DNA of My glory churning and burning in your heart and you WILL SEE unprecedented increase.
Eat the Book!
"Establish your commitment to My Word; not just to what others say about My Word. Become a people of the book. EAT THE BOOK," says the Father.

"Eat it daily – consume it daily, and I will cause your experience and My power in your life to walk off the pages of My Book and substantiate My glory in your lives, your families, your businesses and every other area of need. I SAY AGAIN EAT THE BOOK!(Photo via Pixabay)

"Let your mouth pray, for your prayers on the earth substantiate My prayers in the heavens. As the Son ever intercedes at the right hand of the Father I am calling you to pray. As the Son prays in the heavens so I call you to pray on the earth. The prayers of earth bring the prayers of Heaven to manifestation in space and time.

"This will be a year of collisions. Step out when I tell you to and step in when I tell you to. My sovereignty and My omnipotence are coming together to release the kiss of Heaven and the kiss of My favor in your life. Fear not.
"The SKY isn't FALLING, the KINGDOM is coming and when the smoke clears it will be MY THRONE you will see established and not man's and not the enemies; for I am with you in 2015 to bring in your life to an unprecedented release of My KABOD glory in your family, in your region and cities and nations," says your Father."

God bless!
Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden
Father's Heart Ministry


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