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Kim Clement Prophesied About Donald Trump in 2007

As you read this article you will be amazed at the prophecies of Kim Clement from several years ago.  It also reminds us that we must continue in prayer.

What time and season has America entered into with this 45th President? If you base your outlook on what the news media is telling us, the prognosis looks dreary. One negative headline after the other, from attack on Trump's policies to his personality, and even his mental capacity. Ralph Lauren, the fashion designer, was even criticized by the media for allowing himself to be the designer of the dress which First Lady Melania Trump wore at the inauguration, as if she were an untouchable—now that's some serious collateral damage. I repeat the question I started off with: What time and season has America entered into with this 45th President?
Discerning the Season
We have actually entered a time that is important to the advancement of the Kingdom, as evidenced by the multitude of prophecies declared several years ago by Kim Clement, connected to the new leader of America, President Trump. Through insight given by Kim Clement's prophecies, I believe we have been given a window of opportunity that generations have fought and wept for: an opening to reverse the generational curse upon the nation because of abortion, and release a double portion and a double sound in our children and the generations to come.
Make no mistake, it will take strong prayer and unity amongst the Body of Christ because the opposition will be great, but victory is ours if we do not lose faith or focus. The Spirit wants to do something momentous in America and we must lift up the leadership of our nation now in prayer, and seek God's intervention, wisdom, and favor.
This article is a rallying cry for us in the Body of Christ to be sober and vigilant, and to lay hold of what we have been praying decades for: the opportunity to change abortion law. Based upon prophecies declared in advance, the time of engagement in this battle is now, for victory is at hand.
As a recap, here are some prophetic declarations Kim uttered "in code" connected to this president.
Two years and two months before Trump declared his candidacy in June of 2015, Kim Clement prophesied in April 2013 about a "Donald who would hold the American flag, an influential person, that would win the election."

"The Spirit wants to do something momentous in America and we must lift up the leadership of our nation now in prayer, and seek God's intervention, wisdom and favor."

10 years ago, in April 2007, Kim Clement prophesied, "I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet and I will not forget 9/11. I will not forget what took place that day and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York who will once again stand and watch over this nation."
10 years ago, in February 2007, Kim Clement prophesied, "There will be a praying president, not a religious one, for I will fool the people—they shall say, 'He has hot blood.' I will put in a president that will pray, but he will not be a praying president when he starts. I will put him in Office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and My power," says the Lord of Hosts.
Prophesying God's Plans
One year and four months before Trump declared his political candidacy in June of 2015, Kim Clement prophesied in February 2014 about a future leader of America, and he stated, "I heard gold. I wasn't sure if this was attached to his name." 
Question: If this is a time, which through prophecy, the Spirit has distinguished in advance over and over again, then why the avalanche of negative headlines, dreary prognosis, crass commentary, and inciteful rhetoric spewing forth continuously from the mass media? Why the heavy, dark clouded forecast for America? 
I want to firstly state that Donald Trump is just a man, and therefore, fallible and imperfect as we all are. We do not look to a man as our nation's savior. Secondly, God is not Republican. God is not Democrat. God is infinitely bigger than a political party, a politician, and a nation. God is God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and in Whom all things consist.
God is large and in charge. He is God and we are not. That is precisely one of the reasons why I find prophecy so beautiful.  God, in His infinite perfection, considers us, in spite of our finite imperfection, and loves on us by revealing His will and intention through the spoken and written Word.Therefore, as His ambassadors on this earth, with the help of the Spirit, we have the privilege to pray according to His will.
I do not want to minimize real policy conversation or diminish healthy political dialogue that need to take place in regard to our leaders, our nation, and our society. But doesn't it feel like whenever you turn on the news lately, your peace is under attack because of the bombardment of negative headlines and commentary by the media in regard to this president and the direction of our nation? Can't you feel the unease being projected on to us? (Photo via Flickr)
Statistically, there is good reason you might feel this way when watching the news.  The Washington Times recently reported on a new study by the Media Research Center, which found that, "88 percent of the broadcast news coverage of Mr. Trump and his team was 'hostile' during the first 30 days of office. In their coverage of President Trump's first month, the networks crowded their stories with quotes from citizens angry about many of his policies, while providing relatively little airtime to Trump supporters. The networks' anchors and reporters often injected their own anti-Trump editorial tone into the coverage."
Interestingly, ten years ago when Kim Clement started to prophetically pick up on Trump, the Spirit revealed a disparate relationship between the media and Trump:
In April 2007, Kim prophesied, "This that shall take place shall be the most unusual thing, a transfiguration, a going into the marketplace, into the news media. Time Magazine will have no choice but to say what I want them to say. Newsweek, what I want to say. The View, what I want to say. Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord! I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet."
My question to you is this: Whose report will you believe? Will you believe what is being proliferated by the media or what is being revealed to us by the Spirit? What is God desiring to release upon America and this generation at this time? If we can find the answer to this question, then we can get a better understanding of why the powers of darkness are so afraid.
The Weapon of Distraction
We are in a great conflict with spiritual dimensions and one of the most powerful weapons of choice by the forces of darkness is distraction.  Distraction can take our focus away from God's perspective of a situation, and when we lose focus, we can be swayed from our peace and place of victory. Distraction can keep you from obtaining your promises. That is why when Joshua was on the verge of entering the Promised Land and leading the people of Israel to inherit their promises, the Lord gave clear instruction to Joshua. He told him not to forget what was instructed to him by God through His mentor and predecessor, Moses the prophet. In Joshua 1:7, the Lord coaches Joshua, "Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go." 
The key to prosperity and victory is to not lose focus from what has already been revealed to us by the Spirit, to keep our eyes fixed on the prize. To do that takes strength and courage. Let's explore in more detail what has been revealed in advance for this time. During the same prophetic broadcast on February 22, 2014, Kim described the future leader of America by stating, "I heard gold. I wasn't sure if this was attached to his name." Kim also prophesied the following:
The giant of debt, the giants that have come, the brothers of Goliath, stand in glee watching America. Watch, I said 20,000. 
California, you are dying because of a drought. Watch My sign, watch the sign of rain.
We have seen these prophetic signs manifest all in the same week. President Trump, whose branding for all his properties and assets utilizes gold, was inaugurated on January 20th. Then, on January 25th, the Dow reached 20,000, and on January 26th, due to heavy rains this winter, the US Drought Monitor report did not show any part of California with the designation of "Exceptional Drought" for the first time in 36 months. 
Decoding Prophetic Promises
As important as these prophetic fulfillments are, respectfully and humbly I say they were just "appetizers" to the main course of what the Spirit revealed through Kim on that broadcast in February 2014, indicating to us the grand plan of what God wants to do in the Oval Office and the Supreme Court, which as a result will impact generations. Here are more prophetic words to digest:
Kim prophesied in February 2014, "I have searched for a man and a woman who would stand in the Oval Office and pray." We have seen pictures and videos of Trump praying in the White House. Recently, First Lady Melania Trump also made headlines, both positive and negative, when she opened a rally in Florida by reciting the Lord's prayer. 
Kim prophesied, "I am restoring the fortunes that were the inheritance of My people. I am restoring the fortunes of those that are the elect of God and have been stolen from. This leader will restore the fortunes in this nation because of his brilliance." 
Regarding abortion, Kim prophesied in code during that same broadcast the following: "You shall eat your delicacies again and your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb anymore,"says the Lord.
Regarding the Supreme Court, Kim prophesied during that same broadcast, "Watch how I change everything, for there shall be those who are in justice. There are those who are in a strong position, I'm just hearing this now, in the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court. Two shall step down for the embarrassment of what shall take place for I wish to place in the highest court in the land, righteousness."
These prophetic promises reveal that God will listen to the prayers being uttered from the Oval Office, and that God will restore our fortunes. For those of you who have lost something, hold on to that promise. Restoration is at hand! Now, look at that prophetic word regarding abortion given in "code": "Your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb anymore," says the Lord. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
Abortion and the Supreme Court: Time for Change
Regarding the Supreme Court, if we are to count Justice Scalia's passing in February 2016 as a "stepping down", then prophetically, there should be another justice who will "step down." Whether Justice Scalia's death counts as a "stepping down" or not, the real point is that if another Supreme Court justice vacancy opens up and is filled by President Trump, who is pro-life, it could have a profound effect on abortion law, as it could tilt the bench to the pro-life side. That is why the 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most important elections in 40 years, and why I believe Christians turned out at the polls to overwhelmingly vote for Trump.
Hillary Clinton's campaign platform vowed to repeal the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment is a budget rider that has banned most Medicaid federal funding for abortion. In other words, if Hillary Clinton had won and was successful in repealing the Hyde Amendment, federal funding would have suddenly become available for more abortions. Let's put that in perspective. Even with the Hyde Amendment preventing some abortions from taking place with federal funding over the last 40 years, the facts are that as of 2011, 53 million legal abortions have still taken place since 1973. This averages out to 3,000 unborn children killed in the womb per day, 125 per hour.
If Hillary Clinton had won and had her way, by repealing the Hyde amendment, federal funding would have opened up to more abortions than what has already astonishingly taken place. When new official abortion statistics are released later this year, many are expecting the total number of abortions to be between 58–60 million since 1973. The media may not want to focus on the gravity of this injustice, but God has not forgotten and will not overlook. We are in a war and we need to align ourselves with God's will for life, and pray for breakthrough.
During the third presidential debate, when pressed by the debate moderator, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump specifically stated their position on abortion and late-term abortion. Hillary Clinton defended her support for abortion, Roe vs Wade and for previously voting against a ban on late-term, partial-birth abortions. Donald Trump specifically stated he is pro-life and would nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court for every vacancy that comes up.
Fascinatingly, if you look at the polls, Donald Trump was significantly trailing Hillary Clinton at the time of that third debate on October 19, 2016. From that debate onward, the poll numbers rapidly shifted in Trump's direction until the culmination of the shocking result on Election Day, November 8th, when President Trump won the election.

"I will raise up a double portion and a double sound in your children, for the gifts that the previous generation had are nothing compared to what I'm about to do through your children."

Did something shift in the heavens when these potential leaders stated their stance on the sanctity of life in the womb during the third debate? Could it possibly be that God had mercy on our nation and upon the unborn? Could it be that the conscience of many people was convicted when they heard the clear division of opinion regarding the sanctity of life in the womb between the two candidates for President? Whether you agree with Trump or not, like or dislike his personality, policy, and procedures, he has promised to nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. Many people probably voted for him for that reason alone.
We may not agree with all that President Trump says or does, but we can agree that life in the womb is sacred to God. Scripture states, "For You formed my innermost parts; You knit me [together] in my mother's womb." (Psalm 139:13AMP) To a young Jeremiah, the word of the Lord came to him saying, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5 NKJV) 
Life in the Womb is God's Sacred Territory
Let's pray that Trump stands strong and follows through on the promise to defend life in the womb and nominate pro-life Supreme Court justices whenever the opportunity arises. The future of America will be blessed in a peculiar way. So far, President Donald Trump has followed through with his first Supreme Court nominee. His Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Scalia's seat is Neil Gorsuch, who is pro-life. Gorsuch's confirmation hearings are scheduled to start on Monday, March 20th, 2017.
Let's start to pray now, and especially during that entire week. If the opportunity to change abortion law is upon us, we cannot be na├»ve to think the forces of evil will easily surrender that territory without a fight. We must unite with single focus, and pray for our president, pray for wisdom, and protection. We must also pray for our senators and congressmen. Decades of God-fearing Christians have prayed for a moment of opportunity like the one presented before us. Don't let the clutter of negativity coming from the media distract us from the grand opportunity set before us.  The time of God's favor is now.
I want to remind you of a prophetic promise given through Kim Clement by the Spirit 10 years ago in Albany, Oregon, around the same time he started to pick up on Trump and a president with "hot blood". Let this prophecy infuse you with hope for the future.
"It is now time for retribution. It is time for Me to repay for the many who have been taken out legally by abortion. I'm going to repay. I will raise up a double portion and a double sound in your children, for the gifts that previous generations had are nothing compared to what I'm about to do through your children.
"I will not only baptize them with the Spirit at an early age but I will do it in the schools, I will do it in preschools. They will have no choice because my Spirit has been waiting for a moment to repay for that which they have done to the children of this generation. God says the powers of Hell will not be able to stand the sound of a child. No one will stop the sound of God in the child that I am raising up in this hour.
"They will not stop the sound of child-like faith. They will not stop the sound of child-like praise. They will not stop the sound of child-like wisdom. This is something that will continue throughout this country until the voice of God is heard in the preschools, schools, universities, and colleges. My voice shall be heard," says the Lord.
We have arrived upon the moment for God to repay and to raise up a double portion in our children. To this amazing prophetic promise, let's agree like Mary and say, "Let it be to me according to Your word." (Luke 1:38) Let it be to our children according Your word. Let it be to America according to Your word. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)
To watch "CODEBREAKERS: Trump and the Media - What's Really at Stake?" From February 18, 2017 click here.
Sunil Isaac, Codebreakers
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Brandon Stevan said...

Great speech of the honorable president of USA. Read more trump news.

Unknown said...

Donald Trump only matches some of the word spoken on Feb 22, 2014, and not the key parts. He's not humble, not associated with stone or California, he speaks too much and doesn't watch what he says, is running up the debt, is called Cyrus by Lance Wallnau, does nothing out of a heart for God, and really, only mirrors the part about gold. Our perception is skewed because of desire and the time is not revealed. Trump is likely a forerunner or even nemesis of the David that Kim spoke of, who "will come in the middle of a presidency (sometime) after Obama"!