Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Shack

     Country Guy, one of our sons, our 13 year old grandson, and I went to see "The Shack" last weekend and enjoyed it immensely.
     Country Guy and I had read the novel when it first came out several years ago and loved it!  What a creative, loving way to portray God and His concern for us!
     Since the book was released there has been much criticism of it, saying it is heretical and sacrilegious.  Well, I for one, don't find it so.  It is a story, for Pete's sake, not a Bible!  And it seems to me the story tries to suggest an answer for some of the most puzzling questions people have had about God.  It also protrays God as He is--loving us, working all things together for our good, always seeking a relationship with us so He can show us His perspective on things.
     The movie did an excellent job of following the book! What an awesome undertaking to try to portray Father, Son & Holy Spirit in a way that we can grasp the greatness of who God is!   Watching it in the right attitude--i.e. with the intention of experiencing new ideas of who God might be, instead of the box we have put Him in--will result in a tender, loving experience that I highly recommend to all who want to know God in a deeper way.
     If you are interested in reading a "professional" critique of the movie (and not just my opinion) I recommend this article by Belinda Elliott
     If you haven't already, go see "The Shack" and then let me know what you thought by adding a comment to this post.  Were you inspired?  Do you agree with the critics?  I would be glad to hear your impression of the movie.

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