Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Was Afraid This Would Happen

   I have been telling these little daffodils it is not time to bloom yet, but they wouldn't listen!  😊
     I think they will be OK when it warms up again this weekend since daffodils are pretty hardy, but I'm not so sure about the daylillies, peonies, and even a few hosta who have peeked their silly heads above ground and the roses that have begun producing leaves.  We have had such a mild winter with temperatures fluctuating between freezing and over 60 degrees!  Everything is confused, including the robins.  I saw one little guy trying to peck under the snow for food yesterday when I went for a walk.
    Last week I noticed several trees were already blooming.  I hope this snow is not a setback for the fruit trees.  This year I finally had time to give them a severe pruning and was looking forward to picking larger and healthier fruit.  I am ready for spring!

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